Lighting Your World

In 2003 the owners of Work Digital LLC., Jonnathan and Christian King, were pioneering LED lighting designs for high speed machine vision solutions where the ultra-high intensity lighting solutions were needed to exceed previously unobtainable inspection speeds. While setting new milestones in the LED design world, the king brothers realized that an important advent would be approaching soon, the convergence of performance and efficiency! This was the catalyst that sparked the desire to become the premier supplier of Commercial LED lighting solutions to industries that currently relied on inefficient legacy products. Jonnathan and Christian's experience as a US Navy Electrical Engineer and a US Army Supply Chain Logistics Engineer, respectively, gave them the background to really understand the intricacies of LED lighting and the infrastructure needed to bring tomorrow's technologies safely and swiftly into today’s marketplace.

Heightened interest in wind power, solar power and LED lighting solutions continued to push the market to reduce the ROI window that had previously made these options unattainable for most residential and commercial customers to consider. In 2012, Tim Turbeville, Veteran Sales Professional, joined the brothers King to expand into the commercial market in San Diego, CA. It was at this time that Billo International LLC was born.

Billo International LLC took the dream that began in 2003 and made it a reality. Working mainly in the LED market in San Diego California and the surrounding area, the team began to make a name for themselves as providers of excellent LED products at competitive prices. Billo International LLC soon gained notice and earned the business of MERIT Property Management, Inc. Billo provided LEDs to Acqua Vista, a building managed by MERIT Property Management, Inc. Soon to follow were Treo @ Kettner, managed by Action Property Management, Inc., and M2i managed by MERIT property Management.

During this time the growth of Billo International LLC prompted President and CEO Jonnathan King to make a decision to re-brand Billo with a new name that communicated the company’s vision for LED lighting and left room to grow. The company would still offer their excellent products at competitive prices, and continue their tradition of one-on-one customer service catered to the individual job.

Lumedio LLC took the place of Billo early in 2014. We have since been in process of streamlining our look as a company. Our main focus will continue to be the customer. This focus drives our desire to meet and exceed each customer’s expectations. Our staff are committed to making you the number one priority. From our first “Hello”, to the presentation of our product and delivery of your order, our focus is to provide excellent products at competitive prices, backed by the Lumedio LLC warranty and our great customer service.